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My Enterprises Best supplier of Hose Clamps,Steel metal Components

My Enterprises

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My Enterprises Best supplier of Hose 

Clamps,Steel metal Components.


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Description :My Enterprises Supplier of ISO: 9001-2000 

certified multiple grades and sizes of              

hose,worm drive ,industrial ,T-bolt,V-Band clamps with 

prompt delivery. 

 We are into the manufacturing & supplies of multiple 

grades and sizes of traditional Worm Drive hose clamps, 


clamps, Embossed worm gear clamps and profiled V-band 


Our manufacturing capability is equipped with full line of 

clamps from In-house design, assembly, testing and 

packaging to the customized clamping solution for your 

specific application.

We are ISO: 9001-2000 certified aim to achieve customer 

satisfaction and prompt delivery by producing high quality 

of clamps with modern technology and standards.

Our clamps are designed to resist the corroding effects of 

salt and bilge water as well as common household cleaning 

agents and industrial/mining elements. These clamps are 

also resistant to clamp damage resulting from brass 



Power Tech general purpose hose clamps are ideal for hose 

sealing and use in many different applications with a 

high mechanical load. Its tensile strength, high fracture 

torque and even tension force distribution sets the 


for modern hose clamps.

Salient design features are 

1. Improved asymmetric housing = even distribution of 

forces and safe assembly.

2. Screw support = Ease of assembly due to the safe 

guidance of the emerging band end.

3. Material and clamping range stamped on the band = 

prevention of errors.

4. Asymmetric extension = prevents the housing from 

tilting over when the clamp is tightened.

5. Short housing saddle = even contact pressure = improved 


6. Smooth or stamped inside of band = optimal hose 


Types of application for Power-Tech clamps are:

Cooling water or oil lines

Vacuum and pressure fuel lines and vent lines

De-(pressurized) fuel lines and vent lines

Connections in sanitary installations

Connections in the white goods industry

Hose connections in commercial vehicles industries

Air ducts, both vacuum and excess pressure applications 

(e. g. charged air)

Marine Clamps

Specifically designed with the corrosive nature of the 

marine and shipboard environments in mind. Corrosion 

resistant clamping solutions in a variety of materials.

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AKHILESH [B.E.] 07049385625